About Loibel Dance Studio

Whether you enjoy exercising or not, we feel it is important to have fun and to feel happy when you are at our studio.  Our students tell us that they feel like they are at a party when they take our classes.  The fact that they are losing weight and improving their health just happens without the pain and suffering of conventional gyms.

Regardless of your mood or energy level when you walk into the Loibel Dance Studio, you’ll walk out feeling energized and ready to deal with whatever the universe throws at you.

Everyone’s goals are different but most people exercise to lose weight, to improve health and to reduce stress.  Each class at the Loibel Dance Studio is carefully crafted to help students achieve these goals at their pace in a safe and non-threatening atmosphere.

A Whole New You!

Why Loibel Dance Studio?

After over ten years of teaching all over South Florida and being recognized as being South Florida’s top Zumba© instructor, Loibel Clark decided to team up with her long-time friend Renata Rosa to develop their own dance exercise studio…the Loibel Dance Studio!

Renata and Loibel had a dream to bring their brand of dance exercise to the South Florida market. This dream was realized in December of 2012 and they have continued to gain a large following of South Floridians of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and ages who can’t get enough of this unique blend of fun and energizing activity all in positive and friendly environment.

Renata and Loibel don’t believe that you have to exercise in dirty, smelly and hot exercise rooms. They were determined to build a studio that is truly beautiful and welcoming and boasts state of the art sound systems, a great air conditioning system with lots of fans to keep their students cool while they are dancing the pounds away.

  • Great Space & Environment

    We set out to create a clean & beautiful studio with state-of-the-art sound and air circulation systems in order to provide South Floridians a place to dance and exercise where they feel safe, feel good and have fun.

  • World Class Instructors

    We provide only the best instructors and offer classes that we know deliver the results our students are looking for.

  • Convenient Location

    We are located just west of South Dixie on Camino Real just South of Palmetto Park Blvd and just North of Hillsboro Blvd.

We are On a Mission…

cartoonWe believe that having fun is the best way to sustain a healthy lifestyle, so we have committed ourselves to providing South Floridians with a beautiful non-threatening environment to come have a blast with us.  The fact that our students lose weight and develop firmer bodies happens naturally.  Everyone regardless of age, size, athletic ability, etc. is embraced, accepted and encouraged in our studio.

About Our Classes…

We only offer classes that we like to take.  Our classes achieve one or more of the following objectives: lose weight, firm the body or learn a skill.  All are designed to be easy to learn and all must be fun.  Our students leave our classes happier, more energized and feeling accomplished.



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